Business Benefits

Business Guidance Systems has proved to provide benefits to each organization that exceed the initial predictions of return on investment. This is evidenced by the success rate of other clients' projects. The rapid rate of increase in the expansion of the use and capacity of their follow-on systems is always based on value of the actual measured ROI. A variety of initiatives can be undertaken rapidly which will result in an immediate pay back.

Examples of the problems solved and benefits achieved by others using Business Guidance Systems' services and products are listed below,

  • Speed - dramatic improvement in approval time-frames for business initiatives and program decisions
  • Understanding - shift in the focus from reporting an event to understanding the event
  • Fact-based Planning - economic basis determined for business initiatives from actual experience to-date and comparison to plan, thus avoiding discrepancies between perceived and actual system-reported values in management reporting
  • Consistency - avoidance of organizational conflicts due to elimination of multiple and inconsistent data
  • Outcomes - effective analysis of outcome and objective planning
  • Consolidation - dramatic reduction in the effort required to consolidate and refine data for analysis and planning from all related sources of detailed data for pre-defined and ad hoc queries - both simple and complex
  • Fraud - identification of areas of potential abuse of the current operational processes and policies from a customer, and organizational perspective
  • Overuse - identification of areas of potential misuse and overuse of the current (government) programs from a recipient, and service provider perspective
  • Segmentation - development of profiles, and identification of individual customers and their transactions, combinations, and patterns of use
  • Marketing - Definition of business initiatives and programs based on actual lifestyle, and demographic information for target marketing, customer loyalty assessment, cross selling, retention, and attrition analysis
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