Technology Benefits

Business Guidance Systems clients' experience demonstrates the following technical achievements,

  • Flexible Access- access to all of the required data
  • Direct business-user control - access to their data, on a need-to-know basis
  • Data sharing - across the organization; reduction of replicated data needed for reporting and analysis purposes saving interface maintenance and storage costs
  • Data Integrity - Dramatic improvement in data and decision quality
  • Centralized - Reporting and analysis streamlined to a single source of data
  • Flexible Implementation - alternatives in platform and data delivery environments and tools can be tested and evaluated
  • Re-deployment - programming resources re-allocated to application development rather than data reporting
  • Re-engineering - discovery of requirements for business or system re-engineering necessary to improve quality of operational data
  • Off load processing - Separation of informational and operational processing; Local manipulation of downloaded data
  • Scalable - technical advantages and considerations from database experience including client/server through massively parallel processors
  • Client Server -client server implementation and processing experience
  • Web-enabled - Decision support, EIS, OLAP, ROLAP, MOLAP and analytical processing
  • Training Costs - Reduced end-user and technical training costs
  • Project Management Costs - Reduced system development and maintenance life cycle costs
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