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Fast, Flexible, Free-thinking

Business Guidance Systems™ continually monitor, predict, report, alert, and help identify corrective actions required when business deviates from plan. They are designed for commercial and public sector organizations using the latest Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence techniques, tools, technologies, and talent.


In your business...you have personal responsibilities to achieve certain goals.

  • How easily, how often, and how well are you able to monitor and report on your areas of responsibility?
  • How do you predict or know when decisions are required and how quickly they must be expanded or escalated?
  • How many times per day do you recognize and take corrective actions needed to keep your business on-course?

Business Guidance Systems (TM) are intended to report and guide your business processing as necessary for improving business performance. They function for business managers like navigational guidance systems for aircraft pilots (see Guidance Systems simplified).

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