The following posters were developed by Harold Snider, founder and Principal Consultant of Business Guidance Systems Inc. They were published by Insurance & Technology Magazine, a Miller Freeman (New York) publication.

To order copies of the posters Contact Us, Business Guidance Systems or call Insurance & Technology Magazine, New York, at (800) 288-1463.

 1996  "Blueprint for Insurance Data Warehouse", Insurance & Technology Magazine (Download Cover)
 1997  "Data Mining In Action", Insurance & Technology Magazine (Download Cover )
 1998  "Customer Relationship Management", Insurance & Technology Magazine (Download Cover, Download Poster)
 1999  "Knowledge IS Power", Insurance & Technology Magazine (Download Cover)


 1997  "Data mining opens new marketing doors", Investment Executive
 1997  "Fighting Fraud", Canadian Business Magazine Supplement
 1996  "Data Warehouse - First the data, then the warehouse.", Computerworld Canada
 1996  "Detecting Fraud with Insurance Data Warehouse", National Underwriter
 1995  "Monday Morning Marketing", Canadian Direct Marketing News
 1994   Editorials, The Database Marketing Newsletter
 1993  "Parallel processing offers new tool for data bank", Direct Access
 1993  "Database Marketing Overview", The Database Marketing Newsletter
 1993  "Everyday Low Pricing - Why Now?", The Database Marketing Newsletter
 1993  "Database Marketing Implementation Plans", The Database Marketing Newsletter
 1993  "Construction In Progress. Retailers use database marketing...", Retail Directions
 1993  "Great Innovations. Database power made easy.", Canadian Direct Marketing News
 1990  "IBM Strategies For The 90s", Canadian Datasystems Cover Story
 1990  "Precision The Key To Today's Direct Marketing", Marketing Magazine
 1988  "When Dependencies Lead To Distractions", Computing Canada
 1988  "Fourth Generation Attitude", Computing Canada
 1988  "Synergy - Minds And Resources", Direct Access
 1987  "Application Development Independent Of Hardware", CIPS Review
 1987  "Automating Automation", Computing Canada Feature Report
 1985  "The Business Benefits Of TIS", Cincom Publication
 1984  "When Buying A Package..." Computerworld Special Report
 1984  "How To Evaluate Applications Software", Canadian Datasystems

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