Previous and Upcoming Public Appearances

 Mar. / Sep.  92-96 Canadian National Conference on Database Marketing, Toronto
 Jul. / Dec.     92-96 National (USA) Center for Database Marketing Conference, Orlando, Chicago
 Oct.  93 Direct Marketing Association Annual Conference, Toronto
 Nov.  94-95 Tandem/Prism Solutions, Using the Data Warehouse, Toronto, Montreal
 Mar. / Oct.  95 Federal and State Government Data Warehouse Symposiums Canada, USA
 Mar .  96-98 LOMA (Insurance) Conference, USA
 May  96 Directional Consulting Training Program, London England
 Jun.  96-97 IASA (Insurance) Conference. USA
 Jun.  94-97 Retail Trends & Technology Conference, Toronto
 Sep.  96 Credit Card Marketing Conference, New York
 Dec.  96 Canadian Institute Conference on Data Mining, Toronto
 Feb.  97 Chairman, American Institute Conference on Insurance Fraud, Miami
 Mar.  97 InTech (Insurance) Conference, Orlando
 Sep.  96-98 Data Warehouse Panel, Financial Technology Conference, New York
 Dec.  97 BAI Retail (Banking) Delivery Conference & Show, New Orleans
 Mar.  99 Technology Solutions for Customer Management, Toronto

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